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Our Vision

To be the Contract Caterer of choice throughout England

Kitchen Staff

Who We Are

And what we care about

We founded Savills Catering with the idea that the heart of a good home is the kitchen. We specialise in using farm fresh ingredients and old fashioned techniques to create home cooked meals that are delicious,

healthy and oh so satisfying.


When catering for schools we know that if children eat well, they perform to their best. Mealtimes should be a pleasurable experience, with time spent sharing food with peers and teachers. Savills Catering constantly strive for excellence in meeting the School Food Standards, helping children develop healthy eating habits, ensuring they get the energy and nutrition they require.

In our catering operations at Retirement Villages, Sheltered Accomodation, Care Facilities and Industry Canteens our desire is to create

memorable meal experiences. A time to share a story with a friend or enjoy valuable time relaxing and unwinding. Our menus are tailored to suit your requirements, offering a wide selection to suit everyones tastes. 

Ready to Serve
Preparing Eggplant

Our Team

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Justin Baptie

Having purchased Savills Catering in 2006, Justin used his extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of business to shape Savills Catering into the business it is today. Whilst continuing to drive his other businesses, Justin helped streamline operations and cut down on waste whilst putting the quality of meals provided as a priority. Since his involvement the company has tripled in size and he intends for this success to continue in the future.

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